Kathy Satterfield

Special Needs: Service Dogs for Children with Autism

(Dec. 14, 2009) - Autism service dogs are providing families with much needed assistance, peace of mind, and a big doggy dose of unconditional love.

Where To Volunteer This Holiday Season: Soup Kitchens and More in Fairfield County, CT

(Nov. 20, 2009) - Want to do some good this holiday season? These location in Fairfield County need your help.

Cure the Back-to-School Blues

(Sep. 02, 2009) - New clothes: Check. Hannah Montana backpack: Check. Transformers lunch box: Check. No. 2 pencils, color-coded notebooks, and butterflies in stomach: Check, check, check! A new school year means different teachers, unfamiliar kids, and a whole new routine. This can be stressful for even the most confident, easygoing child—and for parents, too. But work together, and those first days can be a good learning experience for the whole family!

Music at the Museum in Norwalk

(Jul. 17, 2009) - Finish a fun day with your kids at Stepping Stones Museum for Children on a musical note, at Tom Chapin’s The Clean Machine Tour!

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