Emily M. Stone

How to Protect Yourself Against the Sun - in Style!

(Jun. 17, 2010) - We get healthy vitamin D from the sun, but too many rays can cause harm. Protect yourself in style this summer with our top picks for fashionable moms, including the best sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.

Just for Moms: The Best Bathing Suits for Summer

(May. 13, 2010) - If you're among the many women who have come to dread swimsuit season and its skimpy options, check out this season's more modest options that have every body type covered.

Pedicure Secrets: Tips and Tricks for the Trimmest Toes

(Apr. 14, 2010) - Read these tips and tricks from the experts - Cathy Coccoaro of Long Island's Cactus Salon and Essie Weingarten of Essie Cosmetics - to get your winter-worn toes into sandal-worthy shape.

Hair Styles: Spring 2010’s Best Looks

(Mar. 18, 2010) - Christo, artistic director of Christo Fifth Avenue hair salon, shares his tips for easy-to-manage hair cuts and color that are in style this spring.

Just for Moms: How to Save Dry Skin

(Feb. 19, 2010) - The winter months - with the cold biting outside and the heat blazing inside - can be tough on skin. Check out our editor's picks for the best lotions to keep your hide healthy and hydrated.

Just for Moms: 8 Diets for the New Year

Just for Moms: 8 Diets for the New Year

(Jan. 08, 2010) - Resolving to shed some pounds in 2017? Check out our list of eight great diets to find the one that fits your lifestyle and weight loss goals.

The FloH Club: Help for the Technologically Impaired

(Dec. 17, 2009) - The FloH Club, founded by Florence Henderson, offers aid to those struggling with all types of gizmos and gadgets.

Delish Snacks at Duane Reade

(Oct. 21, 2009) - Duane Reade's new line of Delish snacks have hit the shelves.

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