Private Schools in Queens, NY

Private Schools in Queens, NY


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UPDATED October 2017: Choosing the right school is essential to your child's academic growth and development. Use our guide to private schools in Queens, NY to find your child's perfect fit.
2 I.U. Willets Road, Roslyn

Buckley Country Day School is an independent, coeducational day school providing a superior elementary education to an intellectually capable and diverse student body. Buckley provides the foundation that enables our students to achieve their full potential and excel as educated, ethical, and self-confident individuals. Our graduates are well prepared for secondary schools and beyond.

354 Lakeville Road, lower level, Great Neck

Countryside Montessori School was founded in 1998. We were founded with the aim of providing a high quality early childhood education based on the philosophy, methods, and techniques developed 100 years ago by educational pioneer and Nobel prize nominee Dr. Maria Montessori. Our children become responsible for their own learning and their own behavior. They learn to respect themselves and others. Everything in our school is designed to encourage and aid the child’s natural curiosity.

33-16 79th St., Jackson Heights

Garden School is a coed, nursery to 12th grade, fully-accredited, independent college prep school, offering a realistic educational alternative. Small by design, 310 students participate in a strong, highly enriched program, and thrive in small classes where individual attention cultivates each student's unique identity and awakens intellectual curiosity, independent thinking, and scholastic excellence. Garden teaches traditional academic and critical thinking skills using proven, progressive teaching methods. Our comprehensive program includes field trips, extra-curricular activities, community service, and leadership opportunities. Private bus transportation, lunch program, and tuition assistance are available.

193-10 Peck Ave., Fresh Meadows

Highland is an independent, non-sectarian school serving grades pre-K through eighth in Fresh Meadows. All grades enjoy a well-rounded program, incorporating academics with specialty classes in gym, music, art, and computers. Early morning and after-school hours meet the needs for working parents. The quality education allows students to reach their own levels of success in an enriching and nurturing environment.

29 Shelter Rock Road, Manhasset

Our Lady of Grace is committed to providing an atmosphere that is conducive to spiritual and educational growth. The School strives to foster and maintain an educational experience for children from nursery to third grade, inspiring them to pursue lifelong learning. The school has offered high quality education for more than 48 years and is rooted in the core values of love, spirituality, respect, community, and beauty. Our teachers recognize that children learn in different ways and accommodate all learning styles.

40 Kings Park Road , Commack

Sappo School is a non-religious, private college-preparatory school. Founded more than twenty years ago, Sappo School believes in a tailored learning approach to education. Students are taught using their individual strengths and interests. Because classes have a maximum of 15 students, teachers are able to get to know students and how they learn best. Focus is on project-based learning. Students learn by doing as well as listening, reading, or watching. Real world projects allow students to develop independent thinking and problem-solving skills. Creativity is enhanced through STEM computer programing courses, visual and performing arts programs.

39-76 58th St., Woodside

Nursery through eighth grade, including free Universal Pre-K for All. Free after-school academic and recreational programs are offered daily for students in grades sixth-eighth, sponsored on site by Maspeth Town Hall. An extended day program for students in grades nursery through fifth is available for an additional fee. A partnership with Monsignor McClancy High School Regents classes is offered in algebra and Earth science. Title 1 reading and math, SETSS, speech, and OT are available. You may be eligible for tuition assistance!

173-53 Croyden Road, Jamaica Estates

The UNIS Queens campus provides an intimate learning environment, promoting individualized academic development, personal growth, and a passion for learning. Inspired by the principles of the United Nations, students become active and thoughtful world citizens. The curriculum includes English, math, social studies, science, modern languages, music, art, drama, design and technology, and physical education. Critical and creative thinking, hands-on learning, and presentation skills provide a balanced education.

322 Port Washington Blvd., Port Washington

Located in Port Washington, the Vincent Smith School is a private, independent day school serving students in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens Counties in New York since 1924. The school is well known for its individualized program for students in grades first through 12th with AD/HD, and learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, auditory processing disorders, and language (expressive or receptive) processing disorders. Emphasis is placed on academic excellence, differentiated instruction, strong home to school connection, and college and career counseling in small supportive classes.

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