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Summer Ballet and Fitness Classes Offered to Children

Peter Cirolia, who danced alongside New York City ballet, owns Ballet Muscle, a studio that offers ballet and fitness classes for kids and adults in New Rochelle. Ballet Muscle recently began offering summer ballet and fitness programs for kids.

ballet muscle
Marla Levine

Ballet Muscle owner Peter Cirolia supervises two 10-year-old boys during a fitness class.

Peter Cirolia, who danced alongside the New York City ballet, aims to bring professional children’s ballet to Westchester County. Six years ago Ballet Muscle opened and has recently expanded from adult post rehabilitation programs to beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of ballet and fitness for children. This summer, week-long sessions, from July 13 through August are available from 9:30am-12:30pm.

The girl’s ballet camps are split according to age and level of experience. Beginner classes allow the dancers to become comfortable with movements, while the more advanced classes challenge experienced dancers at a professional level. Children and teenagers are welcome to sign up, but must first contact Ballet Muscle to be evaluated and placed in a class for both the girls and boys camps.

The boy’s weeklong camp, which challenges the speed, agility, strength, nutritional knowledge, and flexibility of athletes, will also be available. During the 3-hour sessions, boys will engage in safe weight training, practice agility drills with ladders and jump ropes, and gain nutritional awareness by learning to count calories and make healthy smoothies.

During the year, Ballet Muscle also offers programs including adult ballet classes, private ballet lessons, personal training, and child and teenage ballet classes. Time and days vary depending on class availability and those interested in participating must contact Ballet Muscle for an evaluation prior to attending.

“[Children] are here to learn ballet and that’s what they’re going to learn,” says Cirolia. “There’s respect and dignity, and they’re taught a real class.” Cirolia says his 26 years of experience as a ballet dancer and 10 years of personal training allow him to share his knowledge of body mechanics with his students.