NYC Kids Can Step into an Animated World with Pip’s Island
By Linda DiProperzio

NYC Kids Can Step into an Animated World with Pip’s Island

May 19, 2016   |   Family Outings  

It’s probably every kid’s dream to step into the world of his favorite animated story, and NYC kids will get the chance to do just that with the launch of Pip’s Island, according to the Daily Mail.

Launching this fall, Pip's Island is a new immersive, interactive experience where kids ages 4-12 can physically step into this animated world through a combination of live actors, cutting-edge technology and animation. The hour-long experience allows children to embark on a series of “quests” alongside a fun cast of characters.

Pip's Island is three years in the making and the brainchild of New York-based siblings Rami and Rania Ajami. They believe that the concept speaks to the needs of 21st century children by bridging the gap between the digital world and physical play. 

“Modern children have a new set of entertainment and developmental needs,” said mother-of-two, Rania, to “We aim to address both, as well as bridge the gap between the ever-present digital world and the physical by presenting a cohesive, goal oriented story that empowers children. It's so important for children to feel that they have control over events, not just by swiping on their iPads.”

Michael Jacobson, co-founder of Dirty Dancing The Musical and a Pip's Island investor says: “There's a genius at work here. Pip's Island is truly groundbreaking. It will take cities and countries across the globe by storm.”

A specific location, launch date and pricing for the Pip's Island experience have yet to be announced. 

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