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Dagmar is a mom, blogger, columnist, proofreader, editor, entrepreneur, and social media consultant who writes about motherhood, breastfeeding, attachment parenting, green and frugal living, decorating, blogging, and her love for Twitter and Nutella.

Extended Breastfeeding Past the Toddler Age
by Dagmar's Momsense - June 08, 2011

The mom behind Dagmar's Momsense discusses her (slightly controversial) decision to practice extended breastfeeding.

The Many Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding
by Dagmar's Momsense - June 07, 2011

One mom blogger discusses the health benefits of extended breastfeeding.

Why Spanking My Child is Not For Me
by Dagmar's Momsense - June 07, 2011

The mom blogger behind Dagmar's Momsense discusses the time she spanked her child and tells us why she'll never do it again.

Xylitol: The Natural Sweetener With Many Health Benefits
by Dagmar's Momsense - June 07, 2011

One Westchester mom discusses her preference for Xylitol, a natural sugar substitute.

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