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Mind Those Manners! (yours and theirs)
by Galina Espinoza - September 21, 1997

Etiquette experts contend that, thanks to lax child-rearing philosophies of the 1960s and 1970s, as well as the transformation of American society from one in which families gather around the table at mealtimes to one in which eating usually consists of microwaved dinners or fast food, today's adults are improperly equipped to teach their children the basics of good manners.

Families come full circle
by Galina Espinoza - January 21, 1995

Ida Karp is 84 years old. Rachel Best is about to turn three. Given the gap in their ages, you wouldn't expect them to have much in common. But thanks to a new program created by an Upper West Side service agency, Ida and Rachel have become friends.

CHILDREN AND DIVORCE: and now for some good news ...
by Galina Espinoza - January 21, 1995

New research casts a more positive light on the impact divorce can have on children, challenging conventional myths and offering constructive alternatives. In fact, some of the nation's leading family experts are now saying that divorce doesn't always have to be devastating for the children involved.

The new College Savings Program: It pays to live in New York State!
by Galina Espinoza - January 21, 1995

When it comes to saving for a child's education, parents tend to worry most about two aspects: whether they're saving enough, and whether they're saving correctly.

Mapping out the future for Charter Schools
by Galina Espinoza - January 21, 1995

What no one has yet been able to determine, however, is whether charter schools - small, publicly-funded schools that usually operate free of the constraints imposed by local and state school boards - actually work.

The up-and-down market: Is this the time to buy?
by Galina Espinoza - May 21, 2003

As the stock market continues on a somewhat rickety rollercoaster ride, some of us have bailed out and are now holding onto cash. Others are wondering what the best investment is these days. Either way, real estate has to be considered. With the introduction of "Home Base", our coverage of the real estate market as it relates to families, GALINA ESPINOZA takes a look at... The up-and-down market: Is this the time to buy?

Overuse of antibiotics: Parents are to blame, say many doctors
by Galina Espinoza - May 21, 1999

You wake up early one morning to prepare for an important meeting at work. While your spouse is making coffee, you go in to get the kids ready for school ... only to discover that your daughter is sick.

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