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Blogging From: Westchester County, New York

Dagmar Bleasdale sounds like a fantastical character you might find in the pages of Harry Potter; some Luna Lovegood-esque presence with magical powers who takes everyone’s breath away. In reality, she’s every bit as magical to her son, Landon, and thousands of loyal readers through her wildly popular mom blog, Dagmar’s Home. It seems like there’s hardly a difference at all between the world of wizarding and being an impressive mom-of-all-trades!

Besides chronicling motherhood and married life in Suburbia (Westchester, to be exact), being the active founder of imPROOF, her social media consulting business and teaching others the power of blogging and social media, Dagmar strongly promotes a variety of lifestyles to help encourage the mom community to “believe in their instincts and to pursue their dreams.” Dagmar’s frequent blog topics include natural birth, breastfeeding, vegetarian/vegan diet options, green and organic sustainability, and healthy co-sleeping habits. With over 18,000 followers on Twitter and a strong presence on other social media outlets, it’s clear that this mom’s influence and outreach is to be paid loads of attention.

Dagmar understands that not all moms will find attachment parenting or juice cleanses to be totally up their alley. If you’re looking for a little inspiration in your day, Dagmar’s site is choc-full of home decorating ideas, from dream children’s play spaces to the ultimate fantasy master bedroom suite. If you love her design style, be sure to also check out her fun and addictive inspiration boards on Pinterest.

Dagmar’s blog is filled to the brim with amazing advice for moms and their kids too. If you’re coming for expert advice or just a break during your toddler’s nap time, Dagmar’s Home is as much of a reprieve from the hectic day-to-day as a JK Rowling novel – but somehow, Dagmar’s brilliance is all based on real life. -- Melanie Baker


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