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40 Dinosaurs Will Come Roaring Back to Life at the Bronx Zoo in April

40 Dinosaurs Will Come Roaring Back to Life at the Bronx Zoo in April

This Dinosaur Safari is twice the size of past Bronx Zoo dinosaur exhibits and is scheduled to open April 19.

The Bronx Zoo has featured dinosaur exhibits before, but the zoo’s newest Dinosaur Safari is the biggest and most realistic dinosaur ride in the country, according to the zoo. The experience will take riders through 2 acres of woods, in which they will meet animatronic dinosaurs including two 40-foot-long infamous T. rexes, a 60-foot-long herbivore called Omeisaurus, and the Spinosaurus, which was one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs to ever exist. The Omeisaurus, while lesser known, will delight dinosaur fanatics as it towers over the safari trail. The dinosaurs roar, call out to each other, and interact with each other in amazing ways.

The zoo consulted with Carl Mehling, a paleontologist at the American Museum of Natural History, and “Dino” Don Lessem, a dinosaur expert and Jurassic Park film advisor, to ensure each animal moves, sounds, and looks like a real dinosaur. Accurate representation helps the experience come alive for riders.

A Dinosaur Safari Field Guide will take riders through the experience, showcasing each species and how certain modern animals have developed physical and behavioral adaptations that are reminiscent of their prehistoric ancestors.

“Our visitors have loved experiencing these gigantic animatronic dinosaurs up close. It’s a thrilling experience and a learning one, too,” said Jim Breheny, Bronx Zoo director and WCS executive vice president of zoos and aquarium. “Both dinosaurs and wildlife today developed adaptations that help them survive in their native habitats. This experience highlights some of those adaptive behaviors and characteristics.”

The safari links dinosaurs to modern animals in order to highlight the importance of conservation. 

"We feature animals like the T. rex, which are so large, such powerful apex predators...If these animals are vulnerable and can go extinct, then, we want people to think about the species that are living on and sharing the earth with us right now–and how our activity as humans can negatively impact them," Breheny said.

The safari ends with photo opportunities and an American Disabilities Act-accessible fossil dig where families can hunt for different dinosaur bones. The Bronx Zoo will host dinosaur-themed activities throughout the zoo as well. After the safari, guests are invited to compare the dinosaurs they just saw to live animals throughout the rest of the exhibits–particularly birds.

While conservation is an essential focus of the safari, the dinosaurs are not the only Bronx Zoo animals that help teach zoo-goers about their impact on biodiversity and the environment. And the animals are not the only way the Bronx Zoo contributes to worldwide conservation efforts.

"We have hundreds of programs in over 60 countries around the world," Breheny says. "And so we not only operate the Zoos and Aquariums of the city of New York, but we have boots on the ground conservation and scientists that are working all around the globe. Not just to protect the species but the areas in which they live."

The Dinosaur Safari is a limited engagement ride—it will run April 19-Nov. 3 only. Dino lovers can immerse themselves in the experience with the zoo’s Total Experience ticket. For more information, visit

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