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JEI's 2019 Math Olympiad Features New Prizes and Registration Rules

JEI's 2019 Math Olympiad Features New Prizes and Registration Rules

Registration for this year's competition ends on March 3.

For JEI Learning Center's 2019 Math Olympiad, a national mathematic competition for students in grades 1-8, there will be a few changes. First, only current or former JEI students are allowed to compete, while in previous years the competition was open to the public. There are also new prizes this year.

In the past, winners were awarded Amazon gift cards, but this year JEI is making the switch to cash prizes. Winners, of which there are three per grade level, are awarded checks for varying values depending on how they place. First place will receive a check for $250. Second place will receive a check for $150. Third place will receive a check for $100. However, the grand prize winner, the person who scores the highest out of everyone regardless of grade, will be given a $1000 college scholarship as well as the newest Apple iPad.

“One of the slogans for this year’s campaign is “Show Us Your JEI Math Skills so we want to highlight what our students are capable of,” says Ibrahim Cevik, the marketing manager of JEI. “I think that the results from this contest will show how effective our programs are.” 

Standard registration for the Math Olympiad ends March 3. Queens students will compete on March 9 at 9am at Queensborough Community College in Bayside. To register, head to your local JEI and mention the advertisement on the back cover of our February issue for a free tote bag. For more information visit the JEI Learning Center website.