NYMetroParents Wins 16 Awards at 2014 Parenting Media Association Banquet


NYMetroParents was recognized by the Parenting Media Association with 16 excellence awards at its 2014 Editorial and Design Awards Competition banquet in Philadelphia. This is a record-high number of PMA Awards for NYMetroParents.


(New York, NY) – On March 1, Parenting Media Association presented NYMetroParents, a division of Davler Media Group and the largest publisher of regional parenting publications on the East Coast, with 16 excellence awards at its 2013 Editorial and Design Awards Competition banquet, held in Philadelphia.

pma gold award 2014The total is a record-high number of awards for NYMetroParents, which has set a new personal best each year for the past four years, winning eight PMA awards in 2010, 10 in 2011, 11 in 2012, and 15 last year.

NYMetroParents includes monthly titles Big Apple Parent, Brooklyn Parent, Fairfield Parent, Long Island Parent – Nassau edition, Long Island Parent – Suffolk edition, Queens Parent, Rockland Parent, Suffolk Parent, Westchester Parent, and the biannual ancillary publication NYMetro Special Parent.

Parenting Media Association is a national trade association of regional parenting publications. PMA's annual Editorial and Design Awards Competition recognizes excellence in journalism, photography, and design achieved by publishers, editors, writers, and designers at parenting newspapers and magazines throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

PMA's awards recognize excellence in journalism, photography, and design, and they are judged by an independent panel from the University of Missouri's School of Journalism. This year a panel of 26 judges reviewed 705 entries across 18 Editorial categories, 11 Design categories, four Ancillary Publications categories, three Digital Media categories, and three General Excellence categories reflecting editorial and design. Open to all member publications, the competition was broken into three circulation divisions: 25,000 or fewer; 25,001 to 44,999; and 45,000 or more.

This year, PMA changed from an awards program with one winner in each category and finalists (except for the General Excellence category) to a bronze-silver-gold system, and NYMetroParents was honored to receive eight Gold Awards as well as a Bronze Award for General Excellence.
"The purpose of the PMA awards competition is to encourage a high level of journalistic performance and service to communities by recognizing editorial excellence and outstanding visual presentation in parenting publications," says PMA executive director C. James Dowden.

In one of the most competitive categories, Service Feature, NYMetroParents took home the Gold Award for "Clear and Present Danger" by Deputy Editor Kaitlin Ahern. According to the judges' comments, "The report provides an extensive set of ways parents can monitor their family's exposure by restricting use of BPA. Altogether, it is a powerful way to inform and protect."

As in many years past, NYMetroParents was recognized for its superb calendar section, which features a comprehensive selection of low-cost, family-friendly events in the New York City area. This year, Fairfield Parent (edited by Karen Demeter) took the Gold Award in Editorial along with the Silver Award in Design for Calendar of Events (circulation 25,001-44,999), while Westchester Parent (edited by Ellen Pocost) took the Bronze Award in the corresponding Editorial category for publications with circulation of 45,000 and higher.

"I am so proud of our edit and design teams for their dedication to providing
excellent, valuable content to parents in our area every month," said Dawn Roode, editorial director of NYMetroParents. "We’re especially elated to receive the Bronze Award for General Excellence on the heels of a thoughtful redesign that benefitted from the input of our entire staff."

Davler Media Group CEO David Miller added: "Winning awards in the Editorial and Design categories demonstrates our continued commitment to producing high-quality media that serves both our readers and our clients."


Below is the full list of NYMetroParents' 2014 Awards:

2014 General Excellence Awards for NYMetroParents

big apple parent magazine september 2013

BRONZE: Big Apple Parent
A redesign that offered not only a refreshed look but also new content propelled this publication into the top three. Big Apple has a clear sense of place because of its local emphasis. Readers can see themselves in the pages because the magazine uses social media to collect comments from across their readership. The magazine offers something for all parents.


2014 Editorial Awards for NYMetroParents

GOLD: Calendar of Events
Fairfield Parent (25,001 - 44,999)

BRONZE: Calendar of Events
Westchester Parent (45,000 and more)

See our online calendar of events for the NYC area

: Column: Reviews
Lively columns about Broadway productions provide a generous amount of information for parents to assess whether the shows are appropriate for their children. Plenty of interesting detail makes the reviews satisfying for the armchair theatergoer as well.

Read theater editor Griffin Miller's most recent reviews

Column: Child Development & Parenting Issues
The "Special Needs" column highlights resources in the community to help families while also featuring poignant narratives from local residents. The writing contributes to both empowerment and empathy.

Check out our wide range of Special Needs articles, including the following two articles that received standout reviews from the judges:

Four-Legged Friends Help Kids with Special Needs by Amber Greviskes

Just Imagine by Arianne Zurcher

BRONZE: Column: Child Development & Parenting Issues
In "Ask the Experts," the editors do a commendable job of selecting interesting questions and finding articulate experts from their community. The answers are clear and helpful.

See our most recent Ask the Expert articles

: Personal Essay

"Diagnosis: Brotherly Love" by Denise Henry
This is a heart-warming account of the developing relationship between 3-year-old twins, one of whom is seriously developmentally delayed. The brother, while subject to the usual ups and downs of toddlerhood, has adopted a protective, supportive stance toward his struggling sister. Seen through their mother’s eyes, this is a beautiful sight.

: Service Feature

"Clear and Present Danger" by Kaitlin Ahern, Deputy Editor
The report provides an extensive set of ways parents can monitor their family's exposure by restricting use of BPA. Altogether, it is a powerful way to inform and protect.

: Special Series

This series on nutrition for young athletes is very helpful to anxious parents, reporting on the latest in nutritional research. A tremendous resource for parents of all ages on what to feed active kids – including the latest research on drinking milk after workouts.
Part 1: Nutrition for Teen Athletes
Part 2: Nutrition for Young Athletes

: Special Section within a Publication

The "Roll Into Summer" special section is lots of fun – 125 ideas worth, in fact. The package is well organized and cohesive, as well as offers a variety of activities in terms of costs and interests.


2014 Design Awards for NYMetroParents

amy ryan and daughterGOLD: Interior Photography (Original)
"Momma Love" by Ali Smith
Warm moments in their own milieu elevate these mother-daughter images of family life. The lighting may be harder to control than in a studio setting, but the feeling and the surroundings create more opportunities to engage readers.

SILVER: Calendar of Events
Fairfield Parent

SILVER: Special Section
"Roll Into Summer"
The designer did a good job of combining an impressive array of images with many small bits of text to create a sequence of pages that are both visually interesting and easy to get through.

GOLD: Best Promotion
Halloween Promotion
Haunting background image, cute youngster in foreground, eye-catching orange and yellow type over green background all command attention. But the content is what delivers: a month full of treats, Halloween prize preview, a newsletter to keep readers up to date and a QR code for the adventurous – it's a winner.


special parent magazine fall 20132014 Ancillary Awards for NYMetroParents

GOLD: Ancillary Feature, NYMetro Special Parent
"What to Do When Your Daughter with Special Needs Gets Her First Period," by Marisela Huerta, Ph.D.
It's difficult enough for parents to talk with their daughters about menstruation. Imagine how much more difficult that might be if your daughter has special needs. Writer Marisela Huerta speaks with authority and assurance while providing parents with 12 specific steps to take for this task. The article is complemented by a sidebar of resources and another on how to handle other tough topics. A pain scale and storyboard add visual elements to round out the feature.

GOLD: Ancillary Overall Writing
NYMetro Special Parent
This section has everything a parent might look for in a publication on special kids, and more! Story spin concepts are strong, like one that helps you talk to your kids about their meds. Writing is consistently strong throughout. Another strong piece was a story on the redemptive nature of helping others, regardless of ability.


About NYMetroParents

Following the success of the first NYC parenting resource book, "Big Apple Baby," Big Apple Parent was launched in 1985; it is now the largest parenting publication on the East Coast. Filling the need parents had for hyper-local content, NYMetroParents created seven additional monthly magazines: Brooklyn Parent premiered in 1994; Queens Parent in 1995; Westchester Parent in 2000; Rockland Parent in 2007; Fairfield Parent in 2008; and Long Island Parent (both Nassau and Suffolk editions) in 2009. Today the total monthly circulation for all eight magazines totals more than 400,000.

In October 2011, NYMetroParents launched its first-ever NYMetro Special Parent magazine, a biannual publication dedicated to families of children with special needs in our areas. The next issue will be published in April 2014.

After several years as the New York City affiliate for Disney's family.com, NYMetroParents launched its own parenting web resource in early 1999. NYMetroParents.com allows users to search for family-related businesses and services in each of our regions, and to locate any story from the archives. It also hosts a blog, updated daily, at Blogs.NYMetroParents.com.

For more information about NYMetroParents and its award-winning publications, visit davlermedia.com, nymetroparents.com, fairfieldparent.com, nyspecialparent.com, or fairfieldspecialparent.com.


About Parenting Media Association

Established in March 1988, PMA is a national trade association of regional parenting publications that reaches from Seattle to Boston and from Minneapolis to Miami, and to Canada and Australia. Some of the publications are tabloid newspapers; others are magazines, with 4-color, glossy covers.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, PMA is a nonprofit national organization representing more than 120 parenting magazines and newspapers in the United States, Canada, and Australia. For more information about PMA, visit parentmedia.org.


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